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Jutta "JT" Schneider

Wilkommen! My name is Jutta, or “JT,” which is what many of my Memphis friends and neighbors prefer. After a hard day of work as a Project Management Director, nothing soothes my soul like getting creative in my kitchen. Sometimes my English trips me up, but baking for others is my “love language” and that’s something my Memphis friends and neighbors seem to understand very well. I am ready to spread more love, so thanks for stopping by! My breads are a mix of traditional German and European recipes made with only natural and organic ingredients using less sugar. The management consultant side of my brain says if you give your customers a good product, they’ll keep coming back for more. I would be honored to share some authentic German baked goods from My Little Heidelberg kitchen. If you like it, I hope you’ll tell your friends and help me spread the word. I want my small business to grow organically. I think that’s called a pun. Right? Guten Appetit!

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