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All products are produced at a private residence that is exempt from state licensing and inspection. The products may contain allergens.

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Serving Suggestions


French Toast with

German Milk Bread

Just slice your Milk Bread, let it soak in beaten eggs and fry in butter. Soooo good with yoghurt and fruit! One of my favorite Sunday breakfast dishes.

Serving Suggestion Portuguese Bread 1.JPG

Avocado Sandwich with European Peasant Bread

Drizzle a olive oil over the bread slice, rub with garlic if you like and broil for a couple of minutes. Smash one avocado using a fork, put it on your bread, season with salt, pepper and a bit lime juice. Add some tomatoes and a finish with an egg, poached or fried.

Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Sunday Family Breakfast

We are not the early birds on a Sunday morning and enjoy our long breakfast together with a variety of breads and rolls, sweat and savory toppings, perfect with Nutella and "Leberwurst" (Liver Sausage).

Eat and talk - Quality Time with Family! 


"Roggenbrötchen" - Rye Roll

with Liver Sausage and Mustard

My all time favorite!

Probably only a German can relate why  ;-)

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